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Observers of international Anglican matters may have seen recent news of a fifth annual meeting of “Anglican Bishops in Dialogue” in Coventry, England, which is part of the larger project called “continuing indaba.” The meeting issued a report titled “Testimony of Our Journey towards Reconciliation.”

Here are five quick tips for GFCA members concerning this “dialogue.”

Domination by manipulation. “Reconciling leadership does not dominate,” the report says. This is untrue: it dominates by manipulation. “Dialogue” in Western circles is a well-established method, sometimes called the “Delphi Technique,” by which the dominant party, employing expert “facilitators,” sets the terms of the process and controls the reports in order to reach a pre-ordained result, in this case the acceptance of the Western sexual agenda. This method has been standard operating procedure of the Lambeth bureaucracy for decades. The Global South broke through the process twice: at the 1998 Lambeth Conference and the Primates Meeting of 2007 in Dar es Salaam. “Continuing indaba” attempts to restore the balance of power to the West.

Participants are pre-screened. Contrary to its claim that the dialogue is “grass-roots in origin,” none of the participants, not even the primates involved, is elected by his own province. All of the participants are chosen by the Anglican Communion Office, including vulnerable or dissident bishops from GFCA churches.

Loyal GFCA bishops are not welcome. GFCA bishops “reject the authority of those churches and leaders who have denied the orthodox faith in word or deed” (Jerusalem Declaration §13). According to the recent “Anglican Bishops in Dialogue” report, “Reconciliation is possible only among those willing to be reconciled.” Hence Global South participants must come to the table on neutral terms with bishops like Michael Ingham of Canada, who instituted same-sex marriage, defrocked Dr. James Packer, and has denied the exclusive claim of Christ as Saviour – or not come at all.

Follow the money trail. The major financiers of the dialogue come from The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, the two provinces that have approved homosexual bishops and same-sex marriage. Ask yourself: why would they sink money into a process that does not end up supporting their actions?

Forget about Lambeth I.10. Continuing indaba assumes the irrelevance of the 1998 Lambeth Resolution and the Primates’ meetings because its goal is to nullify or overturn the principle that “homosexual practice [i]s incompatible with Scripture.” The reports make no reference to the Resolution or the various Primates meetings.

“Continuing” indaba, continual meetings. The supreme irony of the “Bishops in Dialogue” reports is the sense that there was no good reason for the process in the first place. “Eschatological” love has made participants realize that “we are family” and that apparent differences are due to seeing through a glass darkly. It appears that they are reconciled already, a fact that will not bring an end to their “journey” of annual meetings, at least until Lambeth 2018.

Does Canterbury approve of this? Absolutely. In fact, continuing indaba has been the settled policy of the former and current Archbishops to undermine the GAFCON movement.

Rev. Prof. Stephen Noll
Former Vice Chancellor, Uganda Christian University

“Anglican Bishops in Dialogue”
Text of the Report available at the website.

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